Friday, April 27, 2012

Scrapbook on hangers

My project for today was to physically remove everything hanging in my closet with a tag that said XL or a numeric equivalent.  That made more room to see what actually fits these days.  Plus it reinforces that I am not allowing myself to plan on being that size again.

But I noticed lots of things are in my closet for other reasons than I wear it often.  Sometimes it is the memory that goes with the clothes that I don't want to get rid of.  A souvenir shirt from a vacation, a gift from a family member, etc.  So I basically have a scrapbook on hangers in my closet.  I guess the other thing that makes me aware of how many dated items are in there is seeing those trends come around for the second time in my lifetime.  Neon colors, maxi skirts---I have seen (and worn) those things before.  Even leggings are just reworked stirrup pants.

So I am starting with the closet, but it carries over into the rest of my life, too.  I don't really have to keep the item to keep the memory.  And I don't need old baggage to weigh me down.  A new day starts every morning.  That's just one example of the grace of God to everyone.


  1. Love it! Have you posted this on fb yet, or, will you?

  2. Ruth, there is a link on fb. Congrats on the running in TX.