Sunday, January 15, 2012

I like big snacks and I cannot lie

Well, it is a new year.  The gyms are crowded so this is no time for me to join.  Just wondering if anyone else is taking a break from their weight loss blog to eat some chips and salsa.

Maybe it is from growing up in a family with more than one child.  I have this fear that if I leave snack food just sitting out or even in the pantry it won't be there when I come back!  So to save myself from future temptation, I just eat it at one sitting.  Of course, it does not help that if I do leave some for a long time (like overnight) my husband thinks I don't like it and he does eat it.

I know this is probably not a common fear like fear of heights or public speaking, but it is my own.  I also could not understand the concept of a cookie jar when I was a kid.  Cookies were made to be eaten warm just as soon as they cooled enough to  handle as they came from the oven.  What jar?  Between the five or six of us at home we could polish off each batch as it came out.  I never remember there being leftover cookies.

Well, everyone has some family dysfunction to overcome.  I am just lucky it was about food.

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