Thursday, July 19, 2012

I actually like my legs

The other day, while I was walking (wearing the new shorts I got for my birthday)  I glanced down and thought, "I like my legs."  What you need to understand is there were times before I was overweight that I did not like my body.  Recently, I saw some old photos of myself and I probably weighed what my goal weight is now.  But, I remember at the time I thought my body was not well-proportioned and that my hips were too big.

Looking back, I can see that most of that fat was in my head.  Not on my body.  I know I will never compete in the Olympics or probably have the fastest time at, say, anything.  But it doesn't mean I should stop moving.  It doesn't even mean that I won't complain about it sometimes.  (The heat index today is 107.)  My goal weight day may not be the happiest day in my whole life.  But for now, it feels like progress that I like my legs.