Saturday, December 31, 2011

Now it is the theme from "Rocky"

Did it.  Finished my official walking 5K.  So glad my friends encouraged me.  Especially Ruth, who slowed way down to walk it with me.  I had one goal.  The race began at 4 p.m. and I wanted to be done by dark.  Met my goal!  And I am wearing my very nicely designed long sleeve T-shirt as I type.

Stopped hearing the theme from "Jaws" and now I am hearing the theme from "Rocky".  You know, where he runs up all those steps.  Gonna fly now!

It feels good to finish with a group, instead of just walking for the "fun" of it.  By this time next year, I am visualizing myself wearing a single, instead of double-digit size.  Yes, I can see it!


  1. yeah! and I didn't slow way down for you! Yes..the Rocky theme remains with me too! Next year we will both do this walk again in smaller sizes! Go Lynda!

  2. Read your blog. Thanks so much.

    And thank you Rick for making the picture not so big and scary anymore!