Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Progress--Is This What It Feels Like?

Today I bought a pair of jeans.  That is not earth-shattering.  I have bought jeans before.  But these were size 12 petite.

Granted, that is not the size I was in college, but it is sure a better number than last year.  Yes, I know that sizes are bigger than they used to be and not all designers use the same measurements for sizes.  But it still feels like progress.

Makes me feel like not saving any of those XL drawstring shorts and knit pants "because I will use them just when I exercise".  Those puppies are baggy for a reason!  Time for another closet purge.

I am considering new categories for whether it rates a space.  I call it the Cold Stone Creamery scale.  Put them into piles called  "Like It", "Love It" or "Gotta Have It".  Obviously, I liked it at one time or it never would have been in my closet in the first place!  So I need to figure out what I enjoy wearing and is flattering to the (slightly) smaller me.  Wish me luck!


  1. Three kitchen size trash bags gone to Goodwill from the latest closet purge! Yippee. I feel lighter already.